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Zen and the Art of Growing Leaders

Zen and the Art of Growing Leaders – by Coach Colle Davis Today’s focus is on quarterly earnings, short-term bumps in revenue, and how to look good in the media. The hard work is done by underlings who are underpaid, under-appreciated, and who the world depends on to make life happen. If you are in …

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Playing Your Game

Playing Your Game by Colle Davis, Executive Coach You’ve chosen your game, and you have enough information and guts to at least play the game. So, now what? If you’re committed to success, commit to the game that you have chosen with your time, energy, heart, soul, and mind, and be willing to do whatever …

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Leadership and Your Large Intestine 

Leadership and Your Large Intestine – by Coach Colle Davis Think of your very personal relationship with your large intestine. If you provide the big dude or dudess with the correct balance of resources for its optimal health (fiber, water, exercise and some down time to relax) life is smoother and easier. Problems come into play …

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Instant Trauma Relief or ‘Lizard Brain Training’

Instant Trauma Relief or ‘Lizard Brain Training’ – by Colle Davis Everybody loves technology, and today, I’m offering you a technique trick to short circuit being ambushed by negative feelings. Think of it as a quick psychological reboot. This ‘Lizard Brain Training’ offers instant trauma relief and it’s fast, easy, and has no downside. I …

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Ahead of the Curve

making connections

Ahead of the Curve by Coach Colle Davis What do you need to do so you are ahead of the value curve in your organization? Who can you run ideas and schemes by in strict confidence? What are the major challenges facing senior staff in today’s world? How can you conduct trial scenarios to test …

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Walking Away From a ‘Flawed Deal’

Walking Away From a ‘Flawed Deal’ – by Coach, Colle Davis In 1998, my coaching company launched a formalized twelve-year research project that focused on a group of carefully selected successful business people. Initially, we began our project with 212 men and women, and at the end there were left 187 in the group. The …

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