My Coach’s Notes: Pain of Divorce

Pain of Divorce 
By Colle Davis

Several years ago, a lady came to me and asked if I could help her do something about the pain of her divorce. Having been through the process myself several decades ago, I nodded and inquired as to what specifically she wanted to know.

She said, “When I have to interact with my ex, I become frustrated, angry, and sad all at the same time. That experience is still very painful. Is this normal? Can I change my feelings?”

The answer is yes, you can change your feelings because feelings are not facts; they are transient, and you can manipulate them to work for you. Let us start with, “You are not the same person you were when you married him years ago. You are smarter, funnier, more secure, and can hold your own in an argument. Right?”

She started to laugh and said, “Yep, the old me was naive and immature. Our years of marriage changed me. I realize I have probably changed far more than he has, but oh, that may be the problem.”

I told her, “Is it your pain, or is it the confusion over who you are dealing with that is causing discomfort? Only you can make that call.”

Here are a few processes designed to lessen or attenuate the impact of pain. Here is how they work.

  • The unpleasant events have feelings attached to them, and it is amazingly easy to dwell on the trauma and get looped into the pain again. Sometimes, we have a similar feeling and get dragged back to the same old pain.
  • Think about how the emotional impact and the pain follow the trauma/event. This process is called a trigger response. You hit the trigger, and your system responds with those old, familiar feelings of pain and inferiority.
  • To break the trigger/response, we need to bring the response back before the trigger pulls you down. This process makes it much easier to manage and get rid of in a couple of seconds. You know that thinking about the event causes the feeling to rear up and gives you a heads up to stop the feeling from grabbing you.
  • HCan you create an image of a couple having a disagreement while standing in their kitchen. They are middle aged. Attractive people. ere is an example: Him, “You never like to have Joe and his family over for dinner. It is your fault we cannot invite him. He’s my friend.” You hear this, and you do not get triggered. Instead, you remember that Joe cheats on his wife, and that is why you don’t want him in your house. You hold your head up and say to your husband, “Joe made his choices by cheating on Annie. I have made my choices to keep him out of my house.”

When a feeling starts, ask yourself if it is attached to what is currently happening in the present. If it is not related to the present situation. Use this process to gain almost instant relief:

  • Am I safe here now?
  • Is the feeling attached to the present situation?
  • What color is the feeling?
  • What has to happen for the color to change?
  • Once the color changes, you are back in control, and the feeling will not rule you.

Unwanted feelings make you feel you are not in control. The number one priority for most people is control, and feelings seldom cooperate with us.

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