Instant Trauma Relief or ‘Lizard Brain Training’

Instant Trauma Relief
or ‘Lizard Brain Training’
– by Colle Davis

Everybody loves technology. Today, I’m offering you a trick to short-circuit being ambushed by negative feelings. Think of it as a quick psychological reboot. This ‘Lizard Brain Training’ offers instant trauma relief and it’s fast, easy, and has no downside.

I developed this technique for squashing negativity for my clients when their inner voice started impacting their productivity and endangering their relationships. With more than three decades of coaching, I’ve been able to watch their results in real-time.  Aside from my corporate clients, I’ve also taught this technique to children, teenagers, trauma victims, rape victims, and those recovering from physical and psychological abuse.

Here are a few tips to consider for helping you master this technique:

  • Speak the following phrases aloud.
  • There are times when you may not have privacy, but you can mouth the phrases silently to yourself.
  • When you do have privacy, practice the phrases by reading them aloud a few times, so the times requiring quiet work to your satisfaction. The most effective training is having someone read the phrases to you. We’ve offered the audio version (below) for this purpose. Practice helps you stay on track and trains your lizard. I suggest you listen to a two-minute audio I have prepared of the following information to receive the full impact of the Lizard Brain Training.

When a negative feeling comes up, say the following phrases:

    1. “Hello, Feeling.”
    2. “What do you want to tell me?”
    3. Pause and listen for the answer. Wait for no more than 5 to 6 seconds.
    4. Then say to the feeling, “Thank you, you can leave now.”

… notice the lizard voice is silent now.

Here is the logic of how this method works on our 200-million-year-old primal brain:

Our negative feelings are from our lizard or reptilian brain, and they are trying to protect us from threats, real or imagined. Keeping us alive is the main task it serves. Our past is a fertile playground where we store those awful events that trigger feelings and revisit the past often and without approval.

Think of your lizard brain as the detector of the FUD Principle, defined as fear, uncertainty, and doubt. It keeps us in a constant state of fight or flight unless we learn how to tame the tendencies when they pop up without provocation or validity.

  • Acknowledging the negative feeling tells your primitive brain that you are listening when you address it, “Hello Feeling.”
  • Asking it to tell you what it wants to say permits it to talk to you, “What do you want to tell me?” Your inner lizard has a simple and very limited vocabulary and will respond with, “I am protecting you from…,” or some variation of this. Anything more is your logical mind jumping in to give you an explanation. Your lizard won’t say more than a couple of sentences to you.
  • Thanking the lizard is telling it how much you appreciate the job it is doing to protect you, “Thank you.”
  • “You can leave now” is the sendoff letting the lizard know you are going on with your day.

You can use this method against negative emotions as many times a day as necessary. The lizard grows happier and stops yelling at you because you’re listening.

Side note: You will still experience negative feelings, and you can short-circuit them in less than ten seconds. The lizard becomes less insistent when you leave the door open for it to communicate with you. A good relationship with your lizard helps reduce stress in your life. The lizard never sleeps and needs you to listen to it sometimes. Being a good friend helps both of you. Learn to love your lizard.

Teach those you love how to control their unwanted feelings. They will thank you many times, and your life becomes more fun, and so does theirs.

If you are suffering from PTSD, rape, a severe accident, trauma, or other events that are distorting your life, schedule a session to remove their impact from your life. The session is a one-time, 30-minute one-on-one in person or Zoom, and if you get relief, you don’t pay me. Colle Davis 804 467-1536 EDT.

Coach Colle Davis

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