Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching 

Executive Coaching is ideal for:

  • Leaders and managers needing polish in their interpersonal skills
  • Career transitions
  • Learning the skills for successful mentoring and protege relationships
  • Mid-level managers needing skills and tools to advance their career
  • Guiding valuable employees requiring direction and guidelines to become more effective leaders
  • Advising team construction, team building and team management
  • New leader assimilation to quickly assume command and gain trust.

Executive Coaching offers answers for:

Inertia and the lack of political skills which creates a less-than-optimal working environment

  • Employees not knowing that they don’t know, which makes them unconsciously incompetent regarding the skills and behaviors vital for them to be trusted leaders
  • Employees who are highly competent in technical skills, but they may not possess the ‘people skills’ to effectively function as a leader
  • Employees who are often hired on their credentials, instead of for their talents
  • Employees who are dissatisfied with their job or simply burned out


  • Employees who are unaware of how to present themselves in a positive light within and outside of their organization
  • Employees who are personally troubled because of family or issues related to the economy
  • Disenfranchised employees who only perform at their minimum because of their fear and frustration
  • Anger in the workplace
  • Top talent who are frustrated with the slow economy or productivity.

The Benefits of Executive Coaching:

  • Master political skills in the workplace
  • Become an effective leader with superior management skills and save time for more creativity
  • Asking for and receive a raise effectively
  • Managers who need polish in their interpersonal skills
  • Practice laser-sharp communication skills
  • Demonstrate active listening skills
  • Learn the Behaviors of Success
  • Become a kingmaker and rule your world.

Hire Colle Davis to:

  • Learn political skills in the workplace
  • Enhance your charisma level for becoming a highly-paid employee and executive
  • Polish your skills for advancing or changing careers, or learn negotiate an exit package
  • Manage chaos and reduce stress to leave time for more creativity
  • Become MORE PRODUCTIVE in today’s workplace.

Book a free session with me, and I guarantee you will learn one valuable tool for influencing people—all that in thirty minutes or less. Sign up today. Set up a complimentary meeting via Zoom. 

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