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MyCoach’s Notes: Challenging Yourself

Challenging Yourself by Colle Davis Challenging YourselfBy Colle Davis Have you ever noticed that the word challenge is considered a ‘static noun’. The word challenging is a verb, a motion, behavior, or dynamic action. (As a writer, I dwell on these minor differences in language, so you don’t have to do it yourself.) When was …

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Fear of Success or Fear of Failure 

Fear of Success or Fear of Failure  by Colle Davis Which fear is driving your life? Do you even know?  What must happen for you to tame and direct the energy in that fear to drive your success? The beginning of my coaching career involved taking on anyone who came through the door with the …

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Playing Your Game

Playing Your Gameby Colle Davis, Executive Coach You’ve chosen your game, and you have enough information and guts to at least play the game. So, now what? If you’re committed to success, commit to the game that you have chosen with your time, energy, heart, soul, and mind, and be willing to do whatever it …

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