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She said to me, “I have no agenda.”

She Said to me, “I Have No Agenda.”– by Coach Colle Davis In Texas, they have expressions requiring interpretation. Once translated to Common English they reflect deep philosophical truths. They have the same meanings as those in common use and are accurate for their Big Texas world. Here are a few favorites with common interpretation: …

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The Jester and the Advisor

The Jester and the Advisorby Coach Colle Davis Using rules, laws, coercion, brute force, and other means of controlling people or systems requires too much energy to sustain. When the energy cost gets high enough, the system breaks down, then resets itself to allow more flexibility. The reset process is seldom easy, quiet, or smooth. …

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Executive Coaching Guarantee

Executive Coaching Guarantee – by Coach Colle Davis With more than three decades of coaching experience, here is my guarantee: To begin, I will ask you to state the goals and outcomes you wish to achieve. If you do not achieve one of the following three categories within 12 months of coaching, I will provide …

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