For over three decades, Colle Davis, has been a trusted advisor helping define careers in both business and culture. He coaches executives in Fortune 500 companies, middle managers, entrepreneurs and those brave enough to look for a new position.

“I am not a life coach. I’m an outcome-based business coach with 35 years of experience as a Kingmaker. My clients often double their incomes in three years or less. This increased income is enough the first year to pay for five years of coaching, and it is tax deductible.” – Coach Colle Davis

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We do not promote Ivory Tower elitism because those tenets are difficult to measure and have less application in a rapidly changing world demanding flexibility, not perfection.

If you are looking for an coach that follows a script, we are not for you. We’re known for our ability to help our clients achieve their outcomes ahead of schedule while they’re having more fun than they thought possible and then winning at the game. We specialize in teaching you to leverage your skills, talents, abilities and contacts to multiply the impact of your resources.

We understand boardrooms and back rooms and how deals are sealed. We have 3-D vision with business in our blood and philosophy in our souls. Management consulting is serious, and we’ve earned the right to call ourselves worthy of being trusted advisors to business titans, politicians and corporate leaders.

Envision yourself moving up faster than your peers.  We all need someone to trust. Allow us that privilege. Call us today.

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Coach Colle Davis, CEO

Are You Who You Want to Be?

Are You Who You Want to Be? By Colle Davis Are you happy with who you are today? This question is difficult to answer because it implies unhappiness or discomfort with the person lugging your brain around. Being unhappy is seen as tiring and boring and is not easy or cheap to cure. Who do …

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managing luck

MyCoach’s Notes: Notice of Termination

Notice of Termination  By Colle Davis Leaving a job can sometimes feel like a whirlwind, especially when faced with the formalities of corporate protocol. While the traditional two-week notice may seem like a courtesy extended to employers, the reality often contrasts sharply with the treatment employees receive upon termination. The corporate world insists on forcing …

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MyCoach’s Notes: The Path to Elegance: Leading with Grace and Efficiency

The Path to Elegance: Leading with Grace and Efficiency by Colle Davis In the intricate dance of leadership, elegance is not merely a matter of aesthetics; it is a strategic approach that yields efficient and effective results. Just as a mathematician seeks the most succinct solution, a leader aims for the most streamlined path to …

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My Coach’s Notes: Pain of Divorce

Pain of Divorce By Colle Davis Several years ago, a lady came to me and asked if I could help her do something about the pain of her divorce. Having been through the process myself several decades ago, I nodded and inquired as to what specifically she wanted to know. She said, “When I have to …

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