For over three decades, Colle Davis, Senior Executive Coach has been a trusted advisor helping define careers in both business and culture. He coaches executives in Fortune 500 companies, middle managers and entrepreneurs.

“I am not a life coach. I’m an outcome-based business coach with 35 years of experience as a King and Queen Maker. My clients double their incomes in three years or less. This increased income is enough the first year to pay for five years of coaching, and it is tax deductible.” – Colle Davis

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We are not promoting Ivory Tower elitism because those tenets are difficult to measure and have less application in a rapidly changing world demanding flexibility, not perfection.

If you are looking for an expert/coach that follows a script, we are not for you. We’re known for our ability to help our clients achieve their outcomes ahead of schedule while they’re having more fun than they thought possible and then winning at the game. We specialize in teaching you to leverage your skills, talents, abilities and contacts to multiply the impact of your resources.

We understand boardrooms and back rooms and how deals are sealed. We have 3-D vision with business in our blood and philosophy in our souls. Management consulting is serious, and we’ve earned the right to call ourselves worthy of being trusted advisors to business titans, politicians and corporate royalty.

Envision yourself moving up faster than your peers.  We all need someone to trust. Allow us that privilege. Call us today. 804-467-1536.

Walking Away From a ‘Flawed Deal’

Walking Away From a ‘Flawed Deal’– by Senior Level Executive Coach, Colle Davis In 2002, my coaching company launched a formalized twelve-year research project that focused on a group of carefully selected successful business people. Initially, we began our project with 212 men and women, and at the end there were left 187 in the …

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The Perception of Privilege

The Perception of Privilege – by Senior Level Coach, Colle Davis How can you learn the trappings of the perception of privilege if you did not grow up luxuriating in the air of plenty and access to power?   “The attitude of success or privilege, ignorance or poverty is evident to the world throughout your …

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Only 5% Sort for Success

Only 5% Sort for Success – by Senior Level Coach, Colle Davis Leaders see life differently than others. Their difference is their unique fingerprint on the scale of success. Can a leader’s path to success be quantified so it can be duplicated? After coaching top leaders in business for more than three decades, I’ve identified …

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CEO’s in Waiting

CEO’s in Waiting – by Coach Colle Davis Are you a CEO in waiting? How does the behavior of a current and future CEO’s differ from the expectations and stereotyped ideas? Here’s a sad fact: The level-headed, good listener, the problem solver is said to be in demand for leadership positions, and yet it is …

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