Ahead of the Curve

Ahead of the Curve
by Coach Colle Davis

What do you need to do so you are ahead of the value curve in your organization?

  • Who can you run ideas and schemes by in strict confidence?
  • What are the major challenges facing senior staff in today’s world?
  • How can you conduct trial scenarios to test them without exposing yourself to mistakes and blunders. Can you work with someone who has been through a similar situation with clients?



The closer to the top of the power structure you are, the less support you receive. Help can be hard to find and even dangerous to ask for within an organization. HR is not your friend; they can leak confidential information, and they are not vested in your success. Your eventual triumph depends on your ability to leverage your assets, become a force, and make your bosses look good.



Here are the top challenges for leaders:

  • Inspiring your reports to increase their enthusiasm, productivity, and value.
  • Building your bench strength and encouraging your reports to build theirs.
  • Interpreting signals with accuracy and responding positively.
  • Creating opportunities for moving up within the organization.
  • Preparing for the possibility of being recruited by a different division or organization
  • Negotiating a raise. Negotiating an exit package. Negotiating a hiring package.

In the pressure cooker world of business, the demands for strategic planning and implementation mean your skills, talents, abilities, and contacts are not enough to ensure your position or your advancement. It’s often difficult to determine your value without honest feedback and validation.

  • Learn strategic leverage and effective ways to present your credentials, experience and value to an organization without appearing self-serving.
  • Learn the secrets you’ll need to impress your boss, those above your boss and those in positions of influence.
  • Start by making your boss look good without brown-nosing or becoming a sycophant.


What does the world look like where you are indispensable because of your people skills, strategic thinking, and ability to spot a flawed deal? These skills require awareness, practice, and energy to work with elegance, power, and grace.

In a single twenty-minute conversation, you can learn to master one or two of these powerful techniques.

  • Your past accomplishments brought you here.
  • Take this opportunity to leverage your past and make sure you reach the future you design for yourself.

For more in-depth techniques for progressing your career, contact Colle Davis. Your first session is FREE. This risk-free offer for career advancement is held in a relaxed setting in Richmond, Virginia, with a cup of coffee with Colle Davis, an Executive Coach with a thirty-year track record of success. Virtual sessions are also available.

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