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  2. Master-Craft Leadership — 04/16/2018
  3. Become a Leader in One Day — 11/04/2017
  4. Coaching is The Success Algorithm — 11/01/2017
  5. Pushy Bitch — 10/02/2017

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Need to Change Jobs? Or, Are you Just Restless?

Need to Change Jobs? Or, Are you Just Restless? by  Colle Davis, Senior Level Executive Coach| Enhancing Positions and Careers for over 30 years There are times when we find ourselves in a space that doesn’t quite fit who we are. When your routine is mundane, your rewards seem flat, you find yourself growing restless as …

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Master-Craft Leadership

Master-Craft Leadership by Colle Davis Woodworking is one of my hobbies and tools, and their use is part of the art form. The coaching business is my vocation, and the skills/tools for working with people are the stock-in-trade for my clients. The relationship between woodworking, an art/craft, and leadership, a way of being in the …

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Become a Leader in One Day

Become a Leader in One Day  – Colle Davis If you have not been a leader in some capacity and you are over 35, stop reading. It will never happen. Sorry, your time has passed. For future leaders, here are the tools, not the rules*, for being a leader. Using this set of tools makes …

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Coaching is The Success Algorithm

Coaching is The Success Algorithm – by Colle Davis Having pure raw talent, a strong drive and high intelligence will not make you a success in business. These are valuable resources help, but they are not enough in today’s world. You need an edge, an advantage, to help you reach your goals. If you have …

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Pushy Bitch

A pushy bitch lives in our house. The pushiness means she gets her way most of the time. Her strategy is to push hard, take risks, accept setbacks, keep going, and she receives the most value for her time. She demands attention, is messy, leaves things laying around the house and is erratic in responding …

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We Are More Alike Than We Think – WATCH THIS!

This Is a Must-Watch Video: We live in a time where we quickly put people in boxes. Maybe we have more in common than what we think.☑ via TV 2☑ LIKE (Y) Truth Inside Of You for more awesome videos! Posted by Truth Inside Of You on Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Are You a Psychopath? Or, a Stoic?

Are You a Psychopath? Or, a Stoic? – by Coach Colle Davis There are two rare and very different conditions which appear so similar they are often mistaken for each other. One is a psychological condition and the other is demonstrated by a person practicing a philosophy. One is a disorder and the other is …

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Firing the Problems to Protect Your Company

Firing the Problems to Protect Your Company Colle Davis, a Senior Level Executive Coach for 35 years   One of the more difficult challenges for a manager or leader is firing an under-performing or disruptive member of their team. The quick-and-easy method does not work in most corporations and they pay the price many times …

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How Much is Your Opinion Worth?

How Much is Your Opinion Worth?  By Coach Colle Davis In this era of spin and fake news, it’s a good idea to ask yourself, “What value do other people assign to my opinions?” Do others accept your opines as the Holy Word and hang onto your words as having life-shifting importance? Are your statements and …

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Engage Employees or Lose Them

Engage Employees or Lose Them  – by Coach Colle Davis Managers in today’s volatile marketplace should stand in front of the mirror every morning and recite this mantra to themselves ten times, “Pay attention to my people, or I will lose them.” According to research noted in Entrepreneur Magazine May 8, 2017, “Employee engagement as …

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