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“Early this year I had a conversation that changed my life. Since that time, I’ve made this conversation a habit – I now have at least one life-changing conversation every week. Each week I spend an hour talking with my coach, Colle Davis.

The day before this magic conversation I had a discussion with a well-respected senior executive at my firm. This manager is always poised, measured, and thoughtful. He looks at situations from every angle, is seldom emotional, and makes incredibly wise decisions. I asked him how he developed his skills and he told me about his experience with Colle nearly decade ago. In fact, what he said was that coaching was the most valuable thing that he’d ever done for himself because what he learned helped his with his career and with his home life. I immediately searched the web, found Colle, and sent him an email inquiring about his service.

After the first session, I understood that these sessions were to be far more than a friendly chat about my career. Our conversations range from instructional, to humorous, to combative and confrontational. At every moment I’m challenged to be the best that I can be and to be true to myself. My discussions are focused on my career and events at work; however, the skills I’m learning and fine-tuning are applicable at home, with friends, and, most importantly, in the relationship that I have with myself.
I am a better listener, a more effective communicator, and I strive to eliminate negativity and other inefficiencies from my life. I have a new perspective on the world and, most importantly, a new love and appreciation for myself and the incredible power knowing that life is a game and there are no rules.
Since I started working with Colle, I have been approached by four senior executives from inside and outside of my firm. They comment on my poise and strong decision-making skills. They tell me that I’m a top candidate in a thin field of rising stars in my generation. They see in me what I saw in that senior executive who pointed me in the right direction earlier this year…and they are right to want me on their team because I am DANGEROUS.”   – Bryan Milner – Wells Fargo

“Colle has taught me how to bring to bear my own skills, talent and abilities on a series of complex issues by providing crisp, efficient and effective suggestions and tactics to reach my outcomes in a remarkably short period of time. Colle’s advice is of such value that, while I view the coaching “course” itself as a huge success, I am retaining his services at personal expense for an indefinite period.” – L. E.- Treasurer for Fortune 500 Company (Name of company and contact information is available upon request)

“I am a long-term client of Coach Colle Davis. His expertise and our weekly dialogs have allowed me to gain substantial new insights and confidence into myself and my surroundings. I think of Coach Colle as ‘Optometrist for the Mind’. We have been working with different size, shape, and strength “lenses” until I found the one that felt most comfortable and gave me the clearest vision. I am now able to see and read things that before had been hidden in a blur. I take both intellectual strength and optimism from our sessions as our coach/protégé relationship continues to evolve.” – Gunther Hoock, Director, North America Equipment

“Colle is a unique resource, knowledgeable in business dynamics and keen insights about what make humans behave they way they do. A talented and interesting public speaker, I have engaged Colle for national client conferences with excellent feedback from clients who have heard him speak, as well as those who engaged him in mini-consultations at the conference. I highly recommend Colle.” -­ Jim Kissane – former CEO of GIAC

“As an executive in Sea-Land Dallas Senior Mgmt. Team, I quickly learned that going to a training session with Coach Colle Davis was not just another seminar, this was real coaching that I could use to change my life. Coach Colle assisted me in fulfilling my dreams.” – Keith Richard, Director, Western Network, Sea-Land Service, Inc.

“Working with Coach Colle has helped my understanding of myself and my career. Coach Colle started coaching me to crawl and then leap. Coaching doesn’t take a lot of time. Responding to coaching takes an effort. But then, as I discovered, when the pupil is ready to listen, the teacher will teach. That’s the greatest part about coaching; you discover you have been asking the questions but until Coach, no one was able to respond. It is a safe haven with tough, no nonsense direction. I continue to recommend executive coaching to many executives and companies as method of accelerated development. In this tough job market, I see people getting promoted before they are ready. An Executive Coach helps them develop the skills they need to be a success within and for their company.” – Matilda Reeder, Ph.D., Associate Director, AlignMark a Thompson Corporation Company

“I have worked with Coach Colle Davis, and can recommend him as a man of uncommon insight, integrity, and genuine personal character within the coaching experience.” – Cruce Saunders President, Ariesnet Inc.

“I would like to offer my strong endorsement of Colle Davis. I personally have attended Colle’s professional coaching and leadership program that was offered through the management of Weatherford International while I served as the operations manager of the Weatherford International, Broussard, LA, business Unit.

After experiencing Colle’s leadership assimilation program, I personally mandated this program for every manager within my facility.

Colle has developed a program to educate team members areas human behavior and to further develop the leaders of an organization. With the assistance of this program, the leaders of your organization will learn effective communication skills, learn to trust and depend on their colleagues, which leads to a more efficient and cohesive organization.

Colle’s ability to probe into the mind of the most difficult and toughest individual of any staff, his persistent approach of asking personal and professional questions in effort to get to know an individual, and to gain their trust, is part of this programs success. His ability to connect and relate to professionals at all levels of any organization has proven success to not only Weatherford International, but all individuals who have had the pleasure to participate in his program.

On a personal note, I contribute much of my success today to this program, both personally and professionally. This program is very worth while and will benefit the leaders of your organization as well as your bottom line.

If you so wisely chose this Leadership Assimilation Program, my only advise is that you make it mandatory for all managers within your organization. I suggest that you mandate that all managers not only attend, but participate. Give the program time to impact the individuals leading your organization. All leaders are very busy and feel they have little time to devote to a “Leadership Program”. Colle Davis has his way of penetrating that barrier, or thought process, and finds a way to make them stronger and more efficient.

If you have any questions or would like to further discuss please feel free to contact the undersigned at your convenience.” -Kind Regards, Stephen Fleming – Cameron – Raising Performance Together

“I would like to take the opportunity to provide you with my strong endorsement of Colle Davis in his development and support of The New Leader Assimilation program that was conducted when I was the VP Global Business Unit Manager at Weatherford International.

This program utilizes the strength of teaching and training human behavior and leverages a very organized process to lead the participants through a day of learning more about their new Leader, in this case that was me.

As you are probably aware, rather than waiting the typical/traditional 6-9 months to learn and get to know the new Leader in an organization, the New Leadership Assimilation process literally takes months off this process and leads to improved communication, efficiency and trust within the organization. Participants ranged from direct reports, to peers, to even the Executive Vice President, who was my boss. As a side note, he was a real skeptic, and after the session pulled me aside and said this process made a believer out of him.

Colle Davis’ ability to work with the group on developing professional and personal questions by the participants, anonymously, was critical to this program’s success. He kept the session interesting and moving along throughout the day.

Again, this is a very valuable and worthwhile initiative for a company with new leaders at any level.

If you have any further questions you may contact me.”

Skip Tierno
VP Sales & Marketing
Wyman-Gordon – A PCC Company