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Meeting Fatigue (The Cure for the Meeting Oppressed) 

Meeting Fatigue (The Cure for the Meeting Oppressed)  By Colle Davis Decades ago, some meetings were considered informative and productive events. They were ‘meaty meetings’ where leaders aimed to increase productivity guidelines. These guidelines are still valid and increase the time value of everyone’s time and talents if they are planned and conducted to achieve …

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Are You Ready to Be a Kingmaker?

Are You Ready to be a Kingmaker?  By Coach Colle Davis History Machiavelli’s The Prince was written in the 15th and 16th Centuries during the era of monarchs and cruel despots. The author offered advice to those seeking a higher station, the sycophants, schemers, and hangers-on in the realm, who wanted to stay alive by …

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Your Only Job

Your Only Job By Coach Colle Davis If you are in sales and good at selling, you bypass or override other people’s objections to get the deal. It is your job, you love it, and in most cases, it pays well. If a prospect allows you to give them a presentation, they are already looking for …

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