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Become a Leader in One Day

Become a Leader in One Day  – Colle Davis If you have not been a leader in some capacity and you are over 35, stop reading. It will never happen. Sorry, your time has passed. For future leaders, here are the tools, not the rules*, for being a leader. Using this set of tools makes …

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The Secret to Winning in Life

The Secret to Winning in Life – by Coach Colle Davis   There is a secret for living a fantastic life and only a select group of people know about it. This well-kept secret is not easy to explain well enough to hand to others with ease or simplicity, but I’ll pass along the highlights. …

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New Leader Assimilation Program

New Leader Assimilation (NLA) Program   Cultivating Leaders and Their Support Staff Do you have a new leader in your midst. Now what? Maybe they have been in place a few weeks or even months OR they are about to start in their new position on Monday. How can you leverage the resources this new leader …

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