New Leader Assimilation Program

New Leader Assimilation (NLA) Program 

 Cultivating Leaders and Their Support Staff

meetcertDo you have a new leader in your midst. Now what?

Maybe they have been in place a few weeks or even months OR they are about to start in their new position on Monday. How can you leverage the resources this new leader will be needing to maximize the benefits to the company, the support staff and the new leader? Where do you focus the energy of the group to reap the greatest rewards?

The New Leader Assimilation (NLA) Program page is the most viewed page on our website and is looked at by people from all over the world. Everyone knows that good, effective and inspiring leadership is absolutely necessary for any group, organization or company to succeed in these very unstable times. In too many instances it is sorely lacking. We have a way to help bring those leaders up to speed in a hurry.

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Here is the process:

The really smart tactic in ‘hiring’ a new leader is to have the people that will be reporting to or working with, this new leader to do all of the interviewing so the right person gets hired. This is not a common strategy, but it is a very powerful and time tested receipt for success. Tuck this into your HR department’s routine for new hires at every level from now on.

Let’s assume that you have somehow skipped the correct hiring practice suggestion above and the newly hired person is coming on board or is already there. Now, how do you get everyone involved with this person to be on the same page at the same time, headed in the same direction?

 Run your very own New Leader Assimilation Program

groupatwork copyStart by making their introduction to their staff formal with the NLA Program and reduce the normal year and a half process of developing working relationships into a fun and interesting four hour training. Yes, its that simple and that easy.

The New Leader Assimilation (NLA) Program prepares your new leader(s) and their staff (perhaps in a recently formed division) to communicate and work together as quickly and painlessly as possible in the shortest amount of time. Because succession planning is so critically important to an organization’s long term success, the NLA Program insures each new leader is supplied with the resources and support they need to help your company achieve both your short term and long term goals.

The NLA Program grooms staff and their new leader(s) by establishing and enhancing a working relationship as quickly as possible. The NLA Program does this with the least amount of trauma and stress for both the support staff and the new leader. Most companies hire the most qualified person they can afford to fill the open position, give them a cursory introduction to those in their new work environment and expect them to jump into the fray and perform at their peak level within a few days or weeks.

Companies hire the qualified employees and then act surprised when these same people show up who are perhaps shy, have few (if any) political skills to create trust in the workplace, and then force them to learn by trial-and-error instead a much more effective method to assimilate into the company’s culture. This is a very poor use of resources and generally irritates everyone involved.

The NLA Program is a rapid-learning system that teaches every participant high levels of effective performance and communication skills. The Program outlines a simple system that will give a new leader’s support staff and the new leader a much quicker way to create effective internal working relationships. This program begins to pay dividends immediately (as in, before the class is even finished), and leverages that initial solid launch with continued high performance communications from all of the people involved in the New Leader Assimilation Program.

To purchase the New Leader Assimilation Program Report, to conduct it in-house, the price is only $299.00 instantly available in a easily delivered (.pdf) format.

CLICK HERE for payment and instant delivery of  New Leader Assimilation Program.

The Formula for Cultivating and Supporting New Leaders

coachingimageNew leaders are brought in to create measurable results and high levels of productivity in support of their company’s initiatives and to help make the company immediately profitable and successful from their first day of their employment. However, new leaders are often at a disadvantage because they are faced with the real world of impressions and perceptions from their new staff. It’s the role of this new leader to learn from their staff how he/she can best serve this new group of people and ‘win them over’ to create positive results.

The ability to quickly form trust relationships is one that can be taught to those who have never had to develop the skill. Once a person has seen the skill demonstrated and have used it at least once they usually retain it and use it easily. The NLA Program demonstrates this skill in a safe and supportive setting so all of the participants learn the lessons and because they are it in together they will tend to reinforce the learning over time as they continue to work together. The new leader and the company are the direct beneficiaries of this new and refined skill.

The NLA Program Report covers all of the resources necessary to set up and run a highly effective NLA in your company.

  • Hint: You will need an outside facilitator. It’s a trust issue.
  • The physical layout of the room is critically important to the success of the training
  • The best means to convey information is thoroughly covered
  • Even how the refreshments and the biological breaks are offered is important

The New Leader Assimilation is a six-step process that offers a new leader’s support staff the opportunity to question their new leader and be encouraged and  able to give their impressions of him/her in a safe and supportive environment.

MEETING GRAPHIC 21) Notification: Who, what, when, where and what to expect

2) The layout, what the process will be, whose involved and why

3) Guidelines to help with phrasing the questions to maximize their effectiveness

4) Questions and impressions displayed to everyone’s satisfaction

5) New leader’s opportunity to address all questions and issue

6) Addressing all the issues and impressions to everyone’s satisfaction.

The NLA Program provide your organization with the pool of questions that occur at a very high frequency in the NLA Program. These questions address the concerns of the staff in a way that reveals information concerning the behaviors expected of them from the new boss. Because they are being protected by the structure of the process itself, the participants feel free to ask some very tough questions. The facilitator may have to caution them and help them phrase their questions carefully in order to elicit the answers in a way that are the easiest for the questioner to understand and accept.

There are some areas that are not to be addressed: Politics, religion, and personal family matters. Other than these, everything else is fair game. Be ready for questions on background, sports preferences, married or divorced, type of car, etc. Information that people naturally accumulate over time about each other.

managerThe new leader has the opportunity to demonstrate that they really do deserve their position by handling themselves in some very tight spots during this process. There will be questions that they do not want to answer and it is their job to demonstrate that they can handle whatever their staff brings to them. They can really shine in the eyes of their new staff in this NLA Program.

A new leader who refuses to answer a question or ignores a question is probable never going to garner the respect of their staff. In this light they are not the right person to work with this staff and may need to be replaced.

The staff is also encouraged to offer their preconceived impressions of their new leader. These impressions were voiced in our trainings:

  • I hear you’re like Darth Vader.
  • You are a Saints fan, how could you?
  • You look angry all the time. Why?
  • How do we know we’re doing a good job for you?
  • What can we expect from you if we don’t hit our goals and it’s not our fault?

There are not right or wrong impressions. They are impressions and taken as such. They do need to be addressed so the participants understand how the new leader thinks.

Results for New Leader Assimilation

The support group has the opportunity to address their concerns and each new leader gains an astute insight into their new staff and how this group of people thinks and responds to a wide variety of situations, stimulations and understanding. This program shortens the time frame for relationship building from several months to a few hours.

Two interesting side effects occur in virtually every NLA Program presented:

  1. The first is that the support staff learn how to work together at a different and more effective level, even if they have worked together before. Part of this is due to their seeing what type of questions the others are willing to ask the new leader. With this information they now know who to go to in order to get that type of question posed to the new leader.
  2. The second is that the new leader is seen in a much more favorable light from the beginning because they were willing to go through this incredibly revealing process, they survived and did a good job of being a leader. That is a powerful ego lift and a great way to begin their tenure at the firm.

To purchase the New Leader Assimilation Program Report, to conduct it in-house, the price is only $299.00 instantly available in a easily delivered (.pdf) format.

CLICK HERE for payment and instant delivery of  New Leader Assimilation Program.

Author’s Bio

Colle Davis, CMC – Certified Master Coach

Colle Davis has trained and coached executives within such companies as Amgen, Bank of America, Clarostat Sensors, Creative Labs Inc., CSX-Lines LLC, EDS, Electronic Arts, Farmers Insurance, J.C. Penney’s, New Line Cinema, Wells Fargo, PriceWaterhouseCooper, Red Bull, Colonial Bank, Rockwell Collins, Sabre Technology Group, Sea-Land Services Inc., Stewart and Stevenson Inc., Weatherford International, Thompson Learning, Abraxix, Inc. and others.

The New Leader Assimilation Program was derived from a successful program developed for GE years ago to groom new leaders and has been refined by using information from The Behaviors of Success Program. Successful executives share a number of common behaviors that contributed to their success and which we have incorporated into this program. The Behaviors of Success Program is a separately available program.

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