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The Advantages of Quiet Quitting – QQ

The Advantages of Quiet Quitting – QQ  -by Coach Colle Davis The trending term Quiet Quitting is shorthand for doing your job as required according to your job description, but you will not do more or less, and you will simply perform your duties consistently. Your behaviors are easy to define and measure, and you …

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Challenging Yourself

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Challenging Yourselfby Coach Colle Davis The word challenge is a noun, and it is static. Challenging is a verb, a motion, behavior, or a dynamic action. When was the last time you challenged (oh, another form) yourself to improve anything in your life? Have you taken any actions like finding a different way to shave, …

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Cheating to Win

Cheating to Win– by Coach Colle Davis Your problems begin when you want to stop cheating, when you must stop cheating, or when you get caught. The consequences of your behavior begin to take on weight and reduce the value of the perceived winning. There are few areas in life where cheating is not common. …

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Is Your Ideal Customer in Enough Pain?

Is Your Ideal Customer in Enough Pain? By Colle Davis, Executive Coach I have made a deal with Aladdin to grant you one wish. If you’re smart, you’ll wish to be a mind reader. Let’s discuss ways to act as if you are. The more you know about your audience/prospect/customer, the more impact you have …

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Debriefing to Harness Power and Control 

Debriefing to Harness Power and Control  By Colle Davis, Executive Coach  “Clarity is the most powerful tool there is for change.” – Phyllis Davis When my children were young, they were never yelled at or punished for their unacceptable behavior, even after becoming adults. Instead, we debriefed their behavior and the impact it created for …

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Micro-Changes Chart Your Course

Micro-Changes Chart Your Course – Colle DavisSenior Level Master Coach and Certified Hypnotist30 years of experience in corporate work with executives. Reserve your free twenty-minute Zoom call with me.Your life will never be the same.    804-467-1536 EDT The most successful people sort for differences and use these learning experiences to take more risks. What do …

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Fear/Anxiety vs. Phobia

Our limitations are impactful and often last a lifetime, but they are easily ‘cured.’ This shift in perception allows a person to return or enter a normal, non-fearful life. The process takes about 20 minutes. It’s permanent, and if a tune up is needed (as happens in rare instances), then another 15-minute process fixes the problem.

How to Hire the Right Coach for You

How to Hire the Right Coach for You– by Senior Level Executive Coach, Colle Davis After thirty years as a senior-level executive coach, I’ve seen the rise, fall and dramatic resurgence in the coaching industry. This information will guide you about hiring the right coach for you. The term ‘coach’ has (sadly) been linked to …

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The Knight Dismounted

The Knight Dismounted  – by Colle Davis The present and future of a former great power. The Knight stopped his horse and sat quietly for a moment. He was a big man, handsome and slightly battered sitting astride a beautiful and powerful war horse. Amidst creaks and groans of metal and leather from his equally …

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Welcome to My Coach’s Notes Newsletter

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