Hypnosis, Upgrading Your Success Software

Hypnosis, Upgrading Your Success Software
– By Colle Davis
Senior Level Master Coach and a Certified Hypnotist
30 years of experience in corporate work with executives.

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The most challenging job over the past three decades has been pulling my clients out of a trance. Nudging them out of their self-induced stupor shuts off their built-in voices and biases long enough to allow for the positive changes they want to occur.

Hypnosis is an induced trance, allowing the creative and curious parts of a person’s brain to expand and explore new possibilities.

The term ‘upgrading your software’ is the best way to look at how hypnosis updates your head’s programming. It is fast, painless, does not install any malware, requiring a one-time half-hour session with a trained business-based hypnotist to install, and is permanent.

Your current success software is buggy, corrupt, contains malware, and has a killer virus. You already have the skills, talents, abilities, and contacts for achieving your goals; your fear keeps you from performing at your peak level.

What has to happen for those goals you say you want to happen? Updating your operating system is the fastest, easiest, and least expensive available.

Once installed, your more powerful, useful, and productive upgrade makes your life easier, more fun, and requires less energy to achieve your goals and outcomes.

Hypnosis has had a bad rap. Luckily, it has grown up and joined the accepted processes used by successful people or anyone suffering from phobias, fears, anxieties, stress, or other emotional discomfort-causing conditions. It is accepted and used as a powerful tool for change.

The stage hypnotists have clouded its reputation and made it seem like a clown show.

The misunderstanding around hypnosis is because it is so powerful, and when used on stage, the hypnotist makes people do stupid things. They use it as entertainment because it is fast, powerful, and it works. Those in a trance will do silly things, make funny noises, and do feats they would not be willing to do in public.

What they will not do, is anything against their beliefs.

Fun validation of this phenomena. My hypnosis instructor was a stage hypnotist, and once on stage with a group of people, he told them the room was getting really hot, and they responded as if it was. Loosening clothing, wiping their sweating forehead, and fanning themselves.

He then told them it was suddenly freezing. One woman popped out of the trance and crossed her arms. Mike, the hypnosis, asked her what happened.

She replied, “When I get cold, my nipples get hard, and they would show through what I have on.”

In a trance, you will have full control of your mind.

Imagine what hypnosis can do to help you achieve your goals? Your operating system will stay intact and work at top efficiency to protect you.

See what you can do if you were not afraid or anxious about anything? Powerful thought.

Hypnosis is a powerful and useful tool for reducing inhibitions in seconds, or it can allow a person to perform at levels they never could do before.

Here is the fun part. If you followed the instructions in the paragraphs above, you went into a trance to find the answers. You were hypnotized by reading the words.

Yes, it’s that easy. No devices, spinning wheels, or tricks are necessary or used in hypnosis.

  • It can eliminate phobias in less than ten minutes.
  • Fear of flying, elevators, snakes, or other fears requires a few minutes less.
  • Reducing stress takes a little longer
  • All the changes/improvements are permanent.
  • Your goals and outcomes arrive sooner.

Hypnosis is a potent tool for modern-day life because a hypnotic trance rewires your brain, and the change is permanent. Your old restrictions go away, and unless you work extremely hard, they never return. You cannot return to the old restricting and limiting beliefs.

How does this relate to the business world? What is in it for you, as a business person or as an executive in a company, to be hypnotized? How can you benefit from being hypnotized?

  • Have you ever hesitated to make a phone call?
  • Put off sending an uncomfortable email or postponed seeing a prospect or client?
  • What about the current project? Is it progressing at the speed you wanted?
  • How does your team react to your directions?

An hour working with an experienced hypnotist opens your mind to fearlessness, kindness, excitement, and a willingness to take on larger reasonable risks with less hesitation.

Can you see how these differences will change your life? How? Be honest, are you ready for a more significant, more productive, and more lucrative life? Yes? No? Maybe?

If you spend twenty minutes talking with me or on a Zoom call, I guarantee it will change your life. No cost, no obligation.

When you decide to continue improving your life, we put together a custom-designed program addressing what you want for an outcome and what resources are needed to quickly and elegantly achieve that goal.

Are your fears, phobias, or depressing distractions distorting your life? I also work with anyone needing help. Hypnosis is part of coaching, and separating the hypnosis to help those in need are easy, fast, and fun. If you or someone you know needs help in these areas, contact me.

I am a Senior Level Master Coach and Certified Hypnotist with over 30 years of helping corporate clients. Reserve your free twenty-minute Zoom call with me, and your life will never be the same.

804-467-1536.  cdavis@mycoach.com

Meantime stay safe and have fun.

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