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Non-Scary, Risk Taking

Non-Scary, Risk Taking – by Coach Colle Davis There is an old saying, “The bigger the risk, the bigger the rewards.” This statement carries some implied acceptance that one is actually willing to take risks. What is not said is that taking risks of any size that don’t work, will still give you experience that …

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New Leader Assimilation Program

New Leader Assimilation (NLA) Program   Cultivating Leaders and Their Support Staff Do you have a new leader in your midst. Now what? Maybe they have been in place a few weeks or even months OR they are about to start in their new position on Monday. How can you leverage the resources this new leader …

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Business & Executive Coaching

Business & Executive Coaching Executive Coaching is available for a single session or for long-term assignments. For more information about Business and Executive Coaching: CLICK HERE. Colle Davis is a Senior Level Executive Coach with more than 35 years of experience of working with Senior Executives, Middle Managers and Entrepreneurs. Here are a few key …

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Next Exit Syndrome

Next Exit Syndrome – by Colle Davis Picture the following scenario: You’re driving down the freeway and suddenly it occurs to you that you must have missed your exit. You ask yourself, “How’s that possible? I really was paying attention, and I’ve been on this road many times before, so how could I have missed …

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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy The Privacy Policy for Concept to Licensing LLC and all affiliated websites related to Concept to Licensing LLC and American Business Etiquette Trainers Association. We don’t ask you for personal information unless we truly need it. (We can’t stand services that ask you for things like your gender or income level for no apparent …

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Disclaimer Concept to Licensing LLC This disclaimer covers any and all claims, products, services and programs offered by the websites or any other website owned by or affiliated with Concept to Licensing LLC. Any modification to, or deviations from, the recommended suggestions made on any of the websites that this disclaimer is posted on or stated …

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Terms of Service

Terms of Service – Concept to Licensing LLC The following terms and conditions govern all use of the  website and all content, services and products available at or through the website through Concept to Licensing LLC. The Website is owned and operated by Colle Davis, Concept to Licensing LLC. The Website is offered subject to …

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