Puma or Fear Reduction Process

Puma or Fear Reduction Process
by Coach Colle Davis

This process allows you to alter how you think about someone you dislike. It can also change how you think and feel about someone you fear or would love to intimidate.

You are about to learn a method that will reduce your uncomfortable feelings about a person and shift those feelings to silliness or even make them disappear.

As a result, this process will reduce the impact this undesirable person has on you, the one you are afraid of or who intimidates you.

Ask someone to walk you through the following steps. Find a comfortable place to sit or lie down. Do not do this process while you are driving. Though as a passenger, it is a lot of fun.

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      • Close your eyes and take three breaths, a little deeper and slower than usual.
      • Think of that someone you are afraid of or who intimidates you. You do not have to tell me who it is.
      • Imagine them in a boxed canyon or a small gymnasium where the doors are blocked. The person is standing against the far wall.
      • Do you see them clearly? Look at them and stay focused on how they respond to you.
      • They see you coming, and you are a 40-foot-long puma, a mountain lion. Your nose is over six feet off the floor, and your teeth are over six inches long.
      • Slowly walk to within 6 feet of them. Notice their reaction to you.
      • What is their response? Are they concerned, worried, or scared?
      • Then with a smile on your face, say aloud with great certainty, “Your ass is mine.”

  1. First, with your eyes still closed, note your own reaction.
  2. Smile again and come back to awake/consciousness by opening your eyes.
  3. Enjoy the feeling of power and relief.
  4. Take a moment to think of the person again and notice how different your feelings are now. In the future, any interaction with them, in your mind will now have the experience of telling them, ‘Your ass is mine’ baked into it.
  5. Would you like to do the process again? Okay, find a new person you want to reduce their impact on you and go back do it again.
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