The Forgiveness Exercise

The Forgiveness Exercise
by Coach Colle Davis

The pain from traumatic experiences can be debilitating.

After many years of working with clients suffering mentally and physically from trauma and psychological pain, I have seen how this Forgiveness Process has reduced and impacted the effects on people’s lives.

One of the heaviest pieces of emotional baggage we continue to carry around involves the thoughts and memories of uncomfortable or traumatic interactions we have had in our past. The memory of these circumstances casts a long shadow over our lives that we are often unaware of experiencing. Over time, these strains eventually distort our attitudes and can make our lives miserable. If these strains are not acknowledged, they can affect our physical well- being, our job performance, and can also create distances in our relationships.

This Forgiveness Process is both easy and helpful. We recommend you practice it every day for a month and regularly after that. It is a powerful tool to regain your emotional freedom.

To forgive someone gives you the freedom to enjoy your life again. The initial incident(s) that caused the irritation or trauma is in the past; the past cannot be changed, but you can change the impact it has on you.

How we think and feel about past events and the people involved can be changed, and the Forgiveness Process is the key that allows us the freedom to enjoy our lives.

You can use this process on yourself several times a day if you want relief. You can also give others the same release by reading the exercise aloud for others. Remember to pause after each comma and after each instruction.

The Forgiveness Exercise

(Consider printing this page for future use.)

Close your eyes. Take a breath. Breathe a little slower and a little deeper than normal, for three breaths.

When you finish taking the three breaths, nod your head and continue listening to the sound of my voice.

Who is the person to be forgiven?

Now, visualize the person to be forgiven in front of you at a comfortable distance. Make this distance more than 8 ft and less than 25 ft.

You will instantly recognize them even if you are not sure why they need to be forgiven by your unconscious mind.

If the person makes you uncomfortable at this distance, move them back until you are comfortable.

When you have placed them at that comfortable distance, say out loud to them as if you were talking to a real person:

  • “I Forgive You.” (Do not embellish or add anything else.)
  • Now say to them: “I Give You Permission to Forgive Me.” (Again, do not embellish.)
  • Now say aloud: “I Forgive Myself for What I Have Done to My Body.” (PERIOD.)

Now, what was the response of the person being forgiven? No matter what it was, it was their response. Let them go.

What was your response to being forgiven by them?

Answer quietly in your mind.

How do you feel about being forgiven by yourself?

Answer quietly in your mind.

Thank your unconscious mind for helping you through this process.

Now begin to come back into consciousness, take a deep breath, and notice that you feel more relaxed, rested, and in perfect health.

Open your eyes.

Please do this for yourself twice a day every day for a couple of weeks. The exercise will give you a wonderful sense of freedom.