Are Psychotherapists Incompetent or Frauds?

Are Psychotherapists
Incompetent or Frauds?

by Coach Colle Davis


Talk therapy is so overrated. In four decades of formally helping people, I have only met two licensed and certified therapists (note the spelling of the word, ‘THE RAPIST’) who were professional enough to get results within a few weeks. Plus, I have worked with therapists myself in the early years of my career.

[Heads up, the following WaPo article is a bit long.]

Therapists say they can’t meet high demand as anxiety, depression linger – –Teddy Amenabar, Washington Post, November 16, 2022

A survey by the American Psychological Association found that 6 in 10 psychologists say they don’t have openings for new patients

A therapist is not your friend, and they have no idea how to proactively help you. Talking may be helpful, but it is the actions initiated by a great therapist/coach/counselor that make a difference. Talking someone out of suicide usually involves grabbing them or being there with them to offer comfort. Suicide hotlines save lots of lives and I fully support their use.

This article will not fit well for those supporting the ever-increasing pressure for more mental health services and the need to reduce stress. It will however, open the door for more people to discuss why talk alone is neither powerful nor permanent. When this information and processes are available to everyone, the stress on society will drop dramatically.

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Background: for the last four decades I’ve seen hundreds of people and I’ve helped them in as little as five minutes by taking a phobia out of their life. In twenty minutes, the trauma of rape reduced to the point of being non impactful. Seeing the relief in a person’s face when they solve a dilemma that has plagued them for years. Speeding up the grieving process to a few hours or days instead of months or years.

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Oh, one caveat here. If you focus on your conditions, you can bring the ‘awfulness’ back into your life, if that works for you. Be careful and focus on where you are going, the past is all done. Gone. Over.

What is this magic? The basis comes from the work of John Grinder and Richard Bander and their work in Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP).

Neuro = Brain, Linguistic = Language use, and Programming = New software for the brain.

Reprogramming your brain by using the same techniques used to program it in the first place. Over many years I have modified some of their work, added more of my own, and borrowed freely from those using other processes where they were getting remarkable results.

Humans learn by experience. What if the initial learning was faulty or incomplete? Or trauma happened and becomes imbedded in our lizard brain and keeps us fearful? Or. we can’t figure out how to get relief from depression, or sadness, or the death of a loved one, what are we to do?

Here are two examples that teach both fear reduction and forgiveness. Try it. You might like it!

This process allows you to alter how you think about someone you dislike. It can also change how you think and feel about someone you fear or would love to intimidate.

You are about to learn a method that will reduce your uncomfortable feelings about a person and shift those feelings to silliness or even make them disappear.

The pain from traumatic experiences can be debilitating.

After many years of working with clients suffering mentally and physically from trauma and psychological pain, I have seen how this Forgiveness Process has reduced and impacted the effects on people’s lives.