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For 35 years, our talented team of Executive Coaches, corporate trainers and trusted advisors have helped define the facets of human development in both business and culture. These have had an ongoing impact on business and aspects of contemporary culture in this country.

This site is My Coach’s Notes Lite. You will get some nice general articles, an occasional newsletter if you sign up and little else. This site is for grazers and headline readers, the serious website for those willing to invest in their long term success costs money, serious money. It is not for the faint of heart or true believers.



To succeed in life today means that the lines have blurred between the brass ring, the brass bed and the wedding ring and the skills for mastering these three areas is today’s definition of ‘winner takes all.’

We are not promoting Ivory Tower elitism because those tenets no longer apply in a rapidly changing world that demands prowess, not perfection.

If you’re looking for experts who follows a script, we’re not for you. We make you work.

We’re the white hats with a laser understanding of what it takes to ford the stream and win the game.

We understand boardrooms and back rooms and how deals are sealed. We’re 3-D people with business in our blood and philosophy in our souls. We get it.

Think of how your life can be different when you become dangerous enough to move up faster than your peers. If you’d like to learn from us, call us today.

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Are You a Psychopath? Or, a Stoic?

Are You a Psychopath? Or, a Stoic? – by Coach Colle Davis There are two rare and very different conditions which appear so similar they are often mistaken for each other. One is a psychological condition and the other is demonstrated by a person practicing a philosophy. One is a disorder and the other is …

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The Secret to Winning in Life

The Secret to Winning in Life – by Coach Colle Davis   There is a secret for living a fantastic life and only a select group of people know about it. This well-kept secret is not easy to explain well enough to hand to others with ease or simplicity, but I’ll pass along the highlights. …

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