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Engage Employees or Lose Them

Engage Employees or Lose Them – by Colle Davis In today’s competitive job market, attracting and retaining top talent is critical for business success. One of the most significant factors influencing employee turnover is manager behavior. This article explores why focusing on people-centric leadership is essential for building engaged and productive teams. Indeed’s Career Guide offers …

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Hiring and Retaining the Best and the Brightest

Hiring and Retaining the Best and the Brightest Colle Davis, a Senior Executive Coach The common refrain from leaders today is, “I only want the best candidate for the job.” True, but that premise has an interesting flaw built into it. How does a company find qualified candidates to transition and assimilate into their new …

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My Coach’s Notes: Fire the Jerks, Even the Boss

Fire the Jerks, Even the Boss By Colle Davis After nearly four decades as an executive business coach, one of the recurring problems I’ve dealt with is convincing those in leadership positions to fire or relocate toxic employees. My clients will spend weeks or months complaining about these people, but they repeatedly let it slide …

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