Stop Giving People Choices

Stop Giving People Choices
by Coach Colle Davis

As a leader, stop giving people choices. By doing so, you will prevent them from struggling with decisions that most people are not trained to make. Instead of providing people with a choice, offer them a time frame to complete the task you want them to do.

An example: Would you prefer the chairs set up to face the left wall or the right? Better: Set up the chairs facing right before registration begins.

 You are not offering them a choice.

Instead, you are giving them a task and a time frame.

The same option includes choosing a restaurant, a vacation, or a team to complete a project. Give the other person your preferred outcome and tell them to make the arrangements.

They will love you for taking away the awfulness of being forced to make a decision.

    • Any decision involves suffering because it requires taking a risk.
    • Risk-taking is an art form.
    • Default positions are easy, and there are no decisions involved.
    • Two choices mean delay, confusion, and misery.
    • Three choices create a catatonic state.

The most effective leader gives directions for completing tasks that support the project:

    • “This component is to be completed and signed off by next Thursday. It must be 100% completed to be checked off.”
    • If it is not done, it’s not finished. No percentage is acceptable except 100% completed. The responsible party must sign off on it.

When the assignment is given, that is the time for questions.

    • “How big?”
    • “How many people can be assigned?”
    • “What are interim guide points?”
    • And any other questions needed to clarify the task to those involved.


Coach Colle Davis

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