MyCoach’s Notes: Notice of Termination

Notice of Termination
By Colle Davis

Leaving a job can sometimes feel like a whirlwind, especially when faced with the formalities of corporate protocol. While the traditional two-week notice may seem like a courtesy extended to employers, the reality often contrasts sharply with the treatment employees receive upon termination.

The corporate world insists on forcing employees to give a two-week notice before they leave. The funny part is that when the tables are turned, corporations terminate people and have them clean out their space. Their security immediately escorts them out the door with their box of personal items and a sad-looking potted plant (that has not seen sunlight since forever).


Lesson: Is there a reason to give an employer notice of your leaving? Leaving without notice is referred to as ghosting, and you are certainly welcome to use this method. However, you may find the following method easier on you.

Here’s an exit strategy that offers you a different set of benefits than the traditional method:

    1. Prepare by quietly cleaning out anything personal from your space as soon as you decide to leave your job. This step means you’ll have less stuff to carry out the door. Pitch the pot plant.
    2. List people you want to stay in touch with in your job after you leave.
    3. Write a pitch letter to your office pals that says something like, “I’m leaving soon, and if there is anything I can do for you while I’m here or after I leave, please let me know. And let’s stay in touch.”
    4. Write out your reasons for leaving. There is no reason to share this list with anyone; it is for you to ponder. You are free to share it with anyone if you so desire. It’s cathartic.
    5. Pick a day to leave that works for you. Fridays seem the most typical day.
    6. Approach your boss late in the day and tell them this is your last day. If you want to, hand him a resignation letter stating the reasons for leaving. (I just saw you wince, but if you have valid reasons to quit, it might make your departure easier on you in the  long run.)
    7. The backlash will include, “You have to give two weeks’ notice.” No, you don’t. “How could you do this to the team.”‘ The team is a work-focused group; you do not owe them anything. “What can we do to get you to stay?”  Nothing, you are leaving.

It’s also a good idea to:

This strategy reduces the trauma and stress of leaving a job. Please consider securing a new position or gig BEFORE you leave. New employment or a new gig is not critical, but it may relieve some pressure by reducing your stress level.

People follow an organization’s rules to stay employed—or at least that is the traditional reason for remaining a serf. The world has changed, and the number of jobs and opportunities has grown to the point where employers may be unable to fulfill their contractual obligations with their current staffing levels.

Employees have taken this unprecedented opportunity to throttle back on their enthusiasm and productivity. Reward the behavior you wish to encourage; ignore everything else. When organizations are willing to reward their workers, retention soars, productivity continues to climb, and the workforce stays loyal to the stated mission as long as the managers are on board with the program.

An uncaring employer, an uncouth boss, or a significant change in life may mean it is time to leave. The process above is your ticket to walking out and enjoying the new situation.

Side note: It is illegal for our old company to badmouth you in any way. You can sue them and make their life miserable again.

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