MyCoach’s Notes – Craving a Career (and Life) Upgrade?

What has to happen for you to unmask your authentic self? How can you step into your power? Why does showing up as the real you matter? The real you depends on your audience.

What has to happen for you to step into that persona? What must you do to allow the current you to wrap that amazing person around you?

  • First, consider if that person is who you want to live with and show up every day.
  • Second, are you willing to do the work to wear that skin?

That person or persona needs a careful examination before you turn it loose on the world. What will happen when you carefully examine who you want the world to see? Remember, you are different with each person you meet.

Your behavior is different with each person you interact with. These behaviors include how you act around children (yours or other people’s), coworkers, neighbors, strangers, and everyone you meet. They form an opinion of you through watching your behavior. To them, you are your behavior.

How different do you act when dealing with a four-year-old compared with your boss? Which persona do you want each to see? What is the difference when you play to the audience?

With all this information in mind, what do you want to change? That may be the most challenging question you have to answer.

For example, I ask each prospective client (plus friends, kids, and anyone silly enough to talk with me) these three questions:

  1. What do you want? It has to be tangible; I have to see you have it. Feelings are not facts and cannot be included.
  2. What resources do you need to get it? There is no magic, no friends/family support, only things you can control.
  3. What will your life be like when you get what you want? Again, this is not feelings-based, only what others can observe as different.

People do not like change because it is hard work, involves risk-taking, and has no guarantee it will work. If a new behavior doesn’t work, change it again or try something different. Nothing is permanent or written in stone.

How do you act in public? What about the public persona do you find important, interesting, powerful, or unique? How will the real you benefit those around you? How will you benefit from being the real you in public?

These questions are tough to answer. The energy involved may give you brain cramps. The risk/reward value has to be high enough, or you will revert to type. You know, the old you.

When you are ready to shed the old skin and let the real you out into the world, contact me to set up a Zoom call, or you can text, call, or email me. 804 467-1536. Talk soon.

Contact me if you or someone you know needs help in these areas. I am a Senior Level Master Coach and Certified Hypnotist with nearly 40 years of experience helping corporate clients. Reserve your free thirty-minute Zoom call with me; your life will never be the same. 804-467-1536 EDT

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