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Executive Coaching Guarantee

Executive Coaching Guarantee
– by Coach Colle Davis

With more than three decades of coaching experience, here is my guarantee: To begin, I will ask you to state the goals and outcomes you wish to achieve. If you do not achieve one of the following three categories within 12 months of coaching, I will provide you an additional six months of coaching at no charge. That’s right, I will give you six months of additional coaching for free. This extra time, at my expense, will increase your chances for achieving the goals and outcomes you stated when we began our coaching relationship.

  1. An advancement in your rank or standing within the company. It may not be the full step you wanted, but that steps put you on track to achieve your intended goal.
  2. You will achieve an income increase that is enough to pay for the executive coaching with me. This increase in your income will be a result of your increased productivity and higher value to your organization in the form of bonuses, or because your political skills have created more opportunities.
  3. A different company or division lures you away with an offer of more money, better perks, and/or a higher position.

Here are the highlights for my coaching guarantee:

Other Services: I also work with people who are going through rough times and prefer not to work with a therapist or counselor. I am neither of these, I’m a coach with over 35 years helping people from teenagers to the elderly get over trauma, fears, an abusive past, loss of a loved one, or anything else stopping them from enjoying life. This type of coaching is short term, very fast and much less expensive.

For more in-depth techniques for progressing your career, contact Colle Davis. Your first session is FREE. This risk-free offer for career advancement is held in a relaxed setting in Richmond, Virginia, with a cup of coffee with Colle Davis, an Executive Coach with a thirty-year track record of success. Virtual sessions are also available.

Call or email me today for your FREE conversation. Colle Davis 804 467-1536, or EMAIL.

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