MyCoach’s Notes: Change to Achieve Success

Change to Achieve Success
By Colle Davis

“Progress is impossible without change,
and those who cannot change their mind cannot change anything.” – Bernard Shaw.

You are in charge of your success. Yes, luck plays a big part (see Fooled by Randomness by N. N. Taleb for more on this). Your ability to be flexible, accept and use changes in your life, and also having a strong sense of curiosity plays a big part. You need these tools to straighten your backbone in order to achieve your goals.

People hate change. Any change. A new toothpaste, a traffic jam requiring a different way to a destination, a new boss, or something as simple as changing your mind because the old way doesn’t work anymore. These and thousands of other ‘changes’ drive your life. Take advantage of the turns, the shifts, and the changes to rewire your brain and increase your value.

Saying you will change is step one; it’s not easy, but it is a start. Implementing a change is much harder. Example: If you wear a wrist instrument, move it to the other wrist for a week and see what happens. This action forces you to see time differently, literally. It is also confusing, frustrating, and hard to remember to keep it on the wrong wrist. Yes, you can put it back in a week.

Let’s make some changes first and then explain what happens when we ask our brain to help us be more effective, form new habits, and ease up on the complaining. New ideas initiate these changes.

Here are some FUN changes to try. Pick two to try this we ek (or invent your own):

Notice a pattern here? Begin indulging in change by having fun.

“Some of these suggestions will make you laugh. The ones you are willing to try will increase your sense of play and your courage; they will ultimately change your life, and who you are. Small, fun changes permit you to go for more impactful changes. Begin now and prepare yourself for greater things to come to you.” – Colle Davis

If you do nothing different, the world around you will change anyway. You are not the same person you were last month. Read a book you haven’t looked at in years; it is a different story. The information is more prosperous, appropriate, and impactful for you today.

Change is life in action. Embracing change is the acceptance of risk. The level of risk you are willing to take increases because you see how the changes enhance your life. Think of changes as the mechanism producing rewards.

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