Testimonials From Etiquette Experts

Testimonials from recent ABETA™graduates who were certified as Business Etiquette Experts
after they completed their Train-the-Trainer Business Etiquette Certification

“The best way to describe my experience is AMAZING. I have been an etiquette instructor on my own and wanted to be certified in order to gain credibility. Phyllis’ etiquette training turned out to be the most exciting, professional and thorough training I have ever received. Phyllis is extremely patient, ensuring that her attendees understand all the information being presented. The information left no questions about how to set objectives and get started with etiquette training.

Plus, the training is fun!! The atmosphere is relaxed. I promise you Phyllis is the most professional and exciting woman you will ever meet. After you meet her, you will know exactly what I mean.

In conclusion, I highly recommend Phyllis Davis’ training to anyone who wants to be a certified etiquette expert. It changed my life.”

Sharon A. Hill, President, Sharon Hill International, American Business Etiquette Expert

“I found the American Business Etiquette Trainers Association (ABETA) while online searching for training for the employees I manage. I liked the cutting-edge online education that Phyllis Davis offers and became intrigued with the idea of providing this training myself. I was delighted to discover that I could be certified as an American Business Etiquette Trainer and began receiving instruction immediately.

Phyllis arranged counsel by phone and in person. She exemplifies graciousness and generosity and prepared me in ways I had not anticipated, giving me the full benefit of her extensive experience. I came away with complete confidence that I can train others in a subject that provides value to customers, is highly marketable, and truly helps people to move forward in life. Phyllis provided not just excellent materials, not only outstanding grounding in the subject, but invaluable encouragement and inspiration.

Sometimes we know exactly where we are going and other times we stumble fortuitously into a good place. I am grateful that I happened upon Phyllis Davis and ABETA. I recommend both with enthusiasm!”

-Sue Thompson, American Business Etiquette Expert, Wilmington, Delaware

“Since I first came to America in 1999; I have always been fascinated with the American corporate behaviors and culture. I have read, researched, studied and looked at many different directions on how to focus on American Business Etiquette, hence turning something that I strongly believe into a career – I believe I have found what I have been looking for through Phyllis Davis and EMCI.

Having Phyllis as a mentor, coach and friend is what I need to be motivated to become successful. Phyllis provides many valuable information, advice, working tools and directions for me to pursue a career I am passionate about – Certified Trainer in American Business Etiquette. Phyllis provides that extra push I require to embark on an exciting and successful professional journey. Through ABETA and Phyllis’ guidance, I know I can achieve these goals.

Phyllis Davis is more than a mentor and coach, she is an inspiration. Thank you.”

– Siti R. Thompson, American Business Etiquette Expert, Houston, Texas

I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks and gratitude for your support and cooperation which is highly appreciated, I really enjoyed dealing with you as well as taking your courses …I certainly learned a lot of great, useful and valuable things which added a lot to me as a person and to my business along with the materials which were so helpful … I have no doubt that your help and support have contributed to the success of my work.. thanks again..
– Jamila Elias, CEO of House Of Etiquette , Founder, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

“It only takes few minutes with Phyllis to be attracted in the stream of her inspirational energy. It is effortless to recognize that Phyllis is dynamic, incredibly knowledgeable, articulate, straight forward, attentive, generous, professional, and charismatic, but there is something else, a secret ingredient perhaps? It is that indescribable “little something” that makes all the difference! Spend few moments with her and you will understand what I mean!

Being a professional business coach in the Middle-East, I have traveled across the planet to be trained by Phyllis and believe me, it was worth the trip.”

– Marie-Renée Ouellet ,President, RSVP – Business Etiquette Training and Professional Image Management

“Phyllis Davis shared her wit and wisdom with me during our time together. Her Business Etiquette Training gave me more than just a practical resource guide to navigate my way through complicated business and personal situations. Through her passion, intelligence and integrity, she exemplified that respect and civility in the workplace is not a luxury, it is a calculated business strategy that will increase employee and client loyalty and drive bottom line results. An enriched work environment is a happy byproduct.

As a Trainer in Leadership Development and Personal Effectiveness, I am honored to carry on her message to my clients in Canada. I believe that they will greatly benefit from this new and growing area of training. For companies that strive for excellence, becoming proficient in Business Etiquette will help elevate their staff’s professionalism to an even higher level.

Her caring nature, insight, perseverance, patience and practical knowledge made her not only a pleasure to work with, but also my wisest choice in training certification.”

Aviva Shiff, Principal, Spark Training & Coaching Associates Inc.

“I can say so much about my training as a newly certified American Business Etiquette Trainer. One, I know that I have improved myself right from the start with what I learned.

Secondly, I am so happy to be able to learn how to gain rapport and respect. I have already employed the techniques and etiquette training I received from Phyllis which are INVALUABLE! It is a joy to see how having this training really comes to fruition right before your eyes!

And third, this training was a totally relaxed and enjoyable experience! Usually I am ready for high pressure high tension. I had such great conversations in philosophy with Phyllis and she really opened my mind.

I was blessed to have had the opportunity to have personal coaching from Phyllis and I believe that because she is such a great teacher, I was able to learn the material and training so much faster than expected.

I look forward to taking up the banner that Phyllis carries, and believe in the cause that she teaches.

There is a movement happening, and an army growing…you only need take your place in the ranks of the civilized.

I highly recommend taking Phyllis’ training. You will be extremely pleased with the results.”

Michael H. Kaleikini, Business Broker/Independent, Associate Certified Etiquette Trainer
American Business Etiquette Training Association ABETA TM

“I have been an etiquette instructor for children for the past two years. I wanted to grow my business and focus on business etiquette. Even though I am certified in children’s etiquette by another outstanding organization, I did not feel that I had the proper credentials for business training. Well, that’s all changed now.

Phyllis Davis is nothing short of amazing and inspirational. I left Las Vegas with so much knowledge! Being able to learn from someone with her experience really is priceless. What was so striking to me, was not just her knowledge, but her genuine interest in my success and the specific advice that she has for her students.

I am delighted and honored to know Phyllis and am confident that because of her my business will be even more successful.”
– Jackie Walker,Founder, President, The Walker School of Etiquette, Inc.
(email address available upon request from Ms. Davis)
“My training with Phyllis Davis was truly an incredible experience. Phyllis’s honesty and insight (combined with her fabulous wit) put me instantly at ease and created an excellent learning environment. Phyllis presents the class material in a participatory demonstrative manner, so you can see the objectives in action.

Phyllis is the real deal. She genuinely wants you to succeed, and she is so generous in sharing her wisdom and experience.

I feel absolutely confident that if you want a career in Business Etiquette, that ABETA training is the single most important tool to get you started.”

Penny Province, President, Corporate Etiquette Edge

“I want to thank Phyllis Davis for the opportunity to participate in her training program. I have taken many seminars and much business training from Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn and Mark Victor Hansen and some lesser known speakers. They all have been a great help to my personal and business growth. It was great to have all that prior training. Yet none compare to Phyllis Davis’ training. Her information was the cherry on the cake.

The experience she brought to the table offered me the training of a mentor. Her training didn’t just give me the information as the others did; she taught me how to use the information. The biggest part was the personal mentoring that I didn’t get from prior seminars or speakers. I loved the information on learning my particular behavior style that was holding me back from business growth.

I believe it is all her experience and her creative genius that makes me most definitely live up to Webster’s definition of mentor, a wise advisor.

I must report to you that I am looking forward to a new career that her training has lead me. I have been giving seminars in my field of advertising on “How To Write Advertising Copy That Sells.” I am so excited about the opportunities to speak on “Etiquette in American Business.” The thing that so excites me is the need for training and the money that is set aside for business etiquette that is so much greater than my field in advertising. What she gave me to build me business of etiquette training is much like receiving a turn key business. Very similar to buying a franchise for such a reasonable fee!!! And, I get to keep all the money from my efforts.”

Thank You,
Barbara Gray Krause, Barbara Gray Krause Designs,