Are You Who You Want to Be?

Are You Who You Want to Be?
By Colle Davis

Are you happy with who you are today? This question is difficult to answer because it implies unhappiness or discomfort with the person lugging your brain around. Being unhappy is seen as tiring and boring and is not easy or cheap to cure.

Who do you look up to and want to emulate or model? What traits do you want to own and use? What does changing provide for you and your career?

The question implies a need for you to change. Yes, that ugly, scary, and uncomfortable risk-taking process that everyone hates. The word ‘change’ gives us all the heebie-jeebies because we know how much work is required to accomplish it.

Why change?

The world is constantly changing. Nature also changes with each second of the day and night. Does this mean you don’t have to do anything except ‘wait it out’ until the world aligns with what you want? Welcome to delusion settling in around you until it becomes a stone wall surrounding your favorite chair where you feel safe. It is a happy fantasy for us to play in and be distracted by. Change is a constant; learn to embrace and ride the stallion to a more exciting and valuable world for you to play in.

What improvements in your life, health, and circumstances would you like to see in yourself? Think of three things you know require changing but feel stuck and immobilized.

What needs to happen for you to implement the necessary changes to achieve this new vision of yourself? Does the change/risk have enough value for you to invest energy into the effort? Is the value of the change worth the risk necessary to get there?

This article is about you wanting to change and applying the changes. In four decades of executive coaching, getting a person to agree to start changing their thinking and behavior is step one in achieving their outcomes and goals. Beginning with tiny changes gives you the courage to take on more significant risks/changes.

A 1987 book, Change Your Mind, and Keeping the Change, by Connirae Andreas, Steve Andreas, and others, goes into excruciating detail about their process for success.

Here are some of my suggestions for you to effect change in your life:

Welcome to the new you. Your change has already begun. Reading the information here has changed how you process information. Yes, really. When you thought about how to wash or shave differently, your brain started working on the delivery details. Your brain is constantly working toward a better life for the real you. Here is your opportunity to get direct input and speed up the process.

When you are ready to shed the old skin and let the real you out into the world, contact me to set up a Zoom call, or you can text, call, or email me. 804 467-1536. Talk soon.

Contact me if you or someone you know needs help in these areas. I am a Senior Level Master Coach and Certified Hypnotist with nearly 40 years of experience helping corporate clients. Reserve your free thirty-minute Zoom call with me; your life will never be the same. 804-467-1536 EDT


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