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The meaning of communication is the response you receive.

For over three decades, Colle Davis has been a trusted advisor helping define careers in both business and culture. He coaches executives in Fortune 500 companies, middle managers, entrepreneurs and those brave enough to look for a new position.

“I am not a life coach. I’m an outcome-based business coach with 35 years of experience as a Kingmaker. My clients often double their incomes in three years or less. This increased income is enough the first year to pay for five years of coaching, and it is tax deductible.” – Colle Davis

Are Psychotherapists
Incompetent or Frauds?

by Coach Colle Davis

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A survey by the American Psychological Association found that 6 in 10 psychologists say they don’t have openings for new patients
A therapist is not your friend. They have no idea how to proactively help you. Talking may be helpful, but the actions initiated by a great therapist/coach/counselor that make a difference.

Caveat: Talking someone out of suicide usually involves grabbing them or being there to offer comfort. Suicide hotlines save lots of lives, and I fully support their use.
Decision between old and new me, dilemma
01 kids nose growing
Cheating = Privilege = Wealth (ouch)
– by Coach Colle Davis


Axios Finish Line: Truth is good for health: The average American tells 11 lies a week.
• “Why it matters: Lying less actually improves our mental and physical health, according to a recent study by researchers at Notre Dame.

The attraction and rewards for cheating are built into society.

Modern society encourages cheating because it works. Lying and cheating are powerful, and anyone can do it. Inequity breeds the need and desire to cheat, lie, steal, and push others down to get ahead. Cheating is a form of social competition at its finest.
Excluded Group Concept
How Much Freedom Can You Stand?
– by Coach Colle Davis

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Question 1, “In today’s complex world, what level of freedom are you comfortable experiencing?” Self-imposed limits are defined by what you allow yourself and others to do and say, "The shoe fits so differently on the other foot."
Question 3, “Do you enjoy privileges (freedoms) because of your color, wealth, education, heritage, or other distinguishing or imagined feature”
Question 4, “What has to happen for you to support everyone having the same freedoms you enjoy?”
Question 5, “Are you less privileged because of these factors? Why are you not enjoying them?
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