A Superlative World

by Colle Davis

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A Superlative World
by Colle Davis

In a news-driven atmosphere, the lead goes to the headline/story that creates the greatest emotional response. The old press dictum: if it bleeds, it leads, is alive and screaming at the world.

Emotions are ranked by how much response they generate. Negative emotions are far more powerful than positive ones. We respond this way because our lizard brain controls the baddies, and the lizard gets the first crack at our bodily responses. Lizard’s job is to keep us alive; it will prod us into action if it is frightened or worried.

Media has always been crisis-driven. Today, with MSM, a million different feeds on Social Media, and your in-laws telling you how bad it is, there is no rest.
Our language has taken on the luster of the largest, strangest, scariest, and bigly things that can tear your life apart. These are designed to sell you products and services at the highest prices. Or get you to do what the advertisers, bloggers, influencers, or talking heads are pushing now: vote, make comments, or attend a function supporting their ideas.

The message is your life is on the line, and if you don’t leap into action and get angry, write a nasty post, or get into name-calling, you are not involved. Your anger is what drives sales and clicks.

What has to happen for you to let this toxic current flow around you?

How can you remain calm and sane in an atmosphere clouded with screaming, chaos, and end-of-times slogans?

Here are the platitudes the gurus and pundits suggest: turn off the news, close social media, get some exercise, take a walk, or read a book. Sounds reasonable, right? When did you last treat your soul with that type of respect?

The ‘news’ is an addiction. It is recognized as such by the medical profession. How do you start weaning yourself off the superlative screaming world? First, admit that your phone is your addiction and turn it off for twenty minutes. Or better yet, leave it off until, say, eight o’clock in the morning. Yeah, I didn’t think so. Most people take them to the bathroom to ‘check my mail’ and take a load off.
The answer is, first, admit you have a problem. Then, start small by turning off your phone at night. Not only that, but do not charge it. When you have finished breakfast, or at least near the end of your coffee, plug in your phone and wait until it is fully charged before turning it on.

I did not say this was easy. For many, this process may be the most challenging behavior change ever. When you have done this new routine for a week, give yourself several huge ATTA GRRRRRL or ATTTA BOY congratulations. Reward the behavior you wish to encourage and IGNORE EVERYTHING ELSE. If you screw up, ignore it and get back on track. No, yelling at yourself is the old way; this process is the new and improved you that you enjoy.

Move checking email to three times a day. Experts suggest that 11:00 AM, 4:30 PM, and 7:00 PM allow you NOT to MISS ANYTHING. The first time you get yelled at for not responding to an email immediately, suggest to the other person that you are completing a task for them and did not want to interrupt the flow. That sounds great and maybe complete BS, but it sounds good. You are recapturing your life.

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