Nudging Greatness: The Power of Small Changes

- by Colle Davis

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Nudging Greatness: The Power of Small Changes
– by Colle Davis

In the rhythmic dance of our daily lives, habits play the role of silent choreographers, guiding us through routines effortlessly. Yet, change, the disruptor in this dance, is often perceived as an unwelcome intruder. What if we viewed it as an opportunity for fun and value instead of resisting change?

The Paradox of Habits and Change

Habits, our trusty companions, demand minimal energy, operating on automatic pilot. They provide a cozy familiarity, from morning rituals to work routines. Conversely, change can be a daunting prospect, sparking feelings of fear and discomfort. But what if change could be both exciting and rewarding?

The Power of Tiny Adjustments

Consider this: can you make your life more thrilling and prosperous by tweaking just one or two small behaviors this week? If the idea intrigues you, read on; if not, consider yourself warned β€” the road to change is strewn with challenges.

Begin with a habit that has a low impact on your daily life. Morning rituals offer a fertile ground for observation and modification. For instance, try altering the sequence of your bathing routine. Use your non-dominant hand for washing. The confusion that ensues highlights the subtle resistance to change.

The goal is not a revolution in your washing routine; it’s about recognizing your ability to make minute adjustments. A revelation that might or might not revolutionize your life.

Breathing: The Ultimate Act of Control

During external chaos, there is one thing you can control entirely β€” your breathing. Take a moment to inhale deeply, hold for ten seconds, exhale, pause for another ten seconds, and resume normal breathing. For a more advanced exercise, hold your breath for ten seconds both in and out, repeating for three to five rounds. This practice places control back in your hands, especially useful before bedtime to quiet the mental chatter.

Robin Williams
Robin Williams

A Wise Trio's Perspective

Allow me to share some wisdom encapsulated in my email signature:

"Change is never painful; only the resistance to change is painful." - Buddha

"Behavior is the mirror in which everyone shows their image." - Native American Proverb

"We get to choose who we let into our weird little world." - Robin Williams

Coach Colle Davis

Navigating Leadership Terrain

In my work, I engage with senior-level leaders and individuals with talents, abilities, skills, and networks that have propelled them to their current positions.

My role is to assist my clients in refining these attributes, leveraging their strengths, and enhancing their perceived power. The goal is to enable them to swiftly and elegantly achieve their desired outcomes.

Remember, greatness often begins with small, intentional changes. Embrace the dance of change, and let it lead you to new heights.

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