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Action is GOLD. The World Wants GOLD.

by Colle Davis

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Action is GOLD and the World Wants GOLD
– by Colle Davis

  • Success is not about what you know; it is what you do when you are engaged and are giving the world feedback that matters to them.
  • Action is GOLD, and the world wants GOLD.
  • Knowing the words is not living or singing. There is a risk in singing out loud. You could make a mistake, no, a genuine mistake, like flubbing a phrase, singing out of tune, or forgetting the next line. There’s no room for mistakes.
The common theme with my clients is that they know what needs to get done, BUT they are afraid of applying the knowledge and wisdom they have to accomplish their goals. Again, it is the fear of making a mistake that stops them.

Or is it something else?

Risk is involved in most areas of our lives. What level of risk we accept dictates our impact on the world. For example, consider the difference between the stock market and the economy. The stock market functions in two modes: risk on and risk off. The stock market is gambling and a fantasy world of emotional high-stakes betting and hoping.
  • The economy, on the other hand, responds to what people are buying.
  • The goods and services they are willing to spend their money on to obtain and use.
  • The economy is the real world; it is reality dealing in hard, cold facts and real money.
Which of these do you more closely relate to in life? For example, are you a hopeful and excited player in the stock market? Or are you willing to bet your skills, talents, abilities, and contacts will be valuable enough for the open market to pay you for them?

Finding your place in life means you must be willing to take risks. Is singing out loud in public above your comfort level? Would you try singing in public if you were encouraged and supported to take the chance? Freddy Mercury, Queen, (image above) is an excellent example of someone who took risks and succeeded globally as a singer, composer, and performer. He left his audiences spellbound.

What has to happen for you to enter the fray and take some risks? Can you be motivated by a mere suggestion? Or by a traumatic event, or would you be willing to be hypnotized to blast past through your inhibitions? Ask yourself, “What will it take?”
The real question is, do you want the rewards accompanying playing in the actual game? Calculated risks are usually smaller and more manageable than we expect them to be. You may not be willing to get on a rollercoaster or jump out of an airplane, but if you’re brave, you will pick up the phone and call anyone in the world. I’d suggest you plan to talk to the speaker or presenter at a major presentation and move to where that can happen.

The meeting you are after may or may not happen, and your effort, acceptance of the risk, and determination to achieve your goal will make winning this game a high success rate. So, what do you need to grow cajónes big enough to be bold?
Women make up a majority of my clients. The ratio has slowly changed over the years, and as women become emboldened and leverage their skills, they are running into the same situations that have plagued men for centuries. The difference is that women are far better at negotiating, compromising, and staying focused on the agreed-to outcomes. They make better leaders, especially after working with an excellent executive coach.

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