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Your Only Job
- by Coach Colle Davis

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Everyone is in sales. Even a hermit is doing their best to sell everyone the idea that their way of life is the best, even if it’s only for them.

Question: What has to happen for you to achieve more of your outcomes?
Focus on the needs of the other person.
    • When you sell something, the recipient needs to have their needs met in your mutual transaction.
    • Or, they must think you are there to help them get their needs met after you have clearly stated what you want for them, then they become your ally and want to help you.
    • This strategy also points out the stupid, the evil, and the takers early in the game. If a person is unwilling to help you achieve your outcomes, they are not worthy of your time, loyalty, or energy.
For those who feel this is a cavalier approach, you are right. It also gets you to your outcomes much faster, with less struggle, and helps you make friends.

Most sales interactions involve persuasion, even if it’s only selling them on the idea of having lunch at Joe’s Steak House or In-and-Our Burgers. You may be selling an intangible product or service or selling them on the idea of a first date. Your sales pitch will hopefully benefit you, and your outcome may also help them, but a win: win is not always possible.

The best agreements are created when both parties accept
and support the terms and conditions reached through discussion and compromise.

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According to the 2020 report from the Pew Research Center,
the percentage of women in leadership positions in business worldwide is 21%.

"I would have thought there were more women in leadership positions. I've coached women in key positions in corporations, politics and entertainment. Women are an asset to any company, political position and community." - Colle Davis, 2/21/23
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