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Building a High-Value Bench
by Coach Colle Davis


I have a confession to make. In the three-plus decades I have been an Executive Coach, my focus has been helping each client achieve their outcomes as quickly as possible. Focusing on their goals meant they were moving up in their company or out of their parent organization.

In coaching them, my goal was to encourage their support group to grow, especially their bench, especially those they felt could someday take their place. With a strong bench in place, their move meant their group or division would continue functioning and adding value to the company. Everyone wins.

I see now my focus was too narrow. A recent conversation with a client pointed out the need to ensure the bench of each leader or manager needs to be nurtured and encouraged to add value no matter what happens to their leader, and not just the bench controlled by my clients.

Background: One of my clients was recently promoted to the CEO position of a small company. She had been functioning as the leader for several years because the owner had other interests besides running the company. Both the owner and the new CEO are clients. Both accept and honor; the coaching is confidential and focuses on only their outcomes.

Moving up to her new CEO position, she was directed to encourage, nudge, and groom a couple of people she trusted to take her place. She did not initially tell her reports of the changes.

Within a couple of weeks, the chosen one requested a meeting, at which she point-blank said, “You are grooming me to take your place. Are you leaving? If so, I want to go with you.’ Now that’s loyalty.

She was reassured. “Yes, you are being groomed to take my place because I am promoted to CEO.” Next, there was excited silence followed by great laughter. “Thank you for trusting me to take your place. Yes, I want your job.”

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Is Your Boss Salvageable?
by Coach Colle Davis


Do you want to salvage your boss? Is your boss even salvageable? Are they worth the time, effort, and expense of bringing them into line being a caring adult and an effective leader?
These questions come up too often, though they are seldom stated aloud. They arise because of the boss’s behavior. Behavior is the highest form of communication. The mouth can lie, but the body can’t.

Start by deciding if you want to be a change agent or an enabler. That is a hard choice and one that is easy to postpone or ignore. The problem with not doing anything is, they will escalate and at some point, you can ‘quiet quit,’ leave, or call them on their stuff and help them get better at their job.

What do you want for an outcome? Look carefully into your motives for taking on this project. Perhaps less stress? Maybe receive more support, different responsibilities, a change of location, or any other reason you can think of may be worth what you are choosing to step into. Here is the best part, you can always drop back to the old way by staying quiet.

Oh, wait, staying quiet is enabling. Well darn.

Hint: Your input is seldom welcomed. If it is, there is a high chance of you making a huge impact on their life and career.

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