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Are you a Good Victim?

by Coach Colle Davis

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Think for a moment about the last time you played the part of a victim. In other words, a time you complained to elicit sympathy about the state of your business, your marriage, or your unfulfilled life. What was your desired outcome?

You will be hard-pressed to remember what it was because it was unimportant except for one small item. You wanted to have your way. When you didn’t do what you expected, you went straight into victim mode. There is no better place to sulk, feel sorry for yourself, and tell a story than from the dreaded position of ‘The Victim.’

Here is another clue someone is playing the victim card, “I’m sick and tired of this,” or they grind on about a situation that is not going their way.

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Advice from Coach Colle Davis for 2023

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Work Smart Not Hard Ticket to Success Effort Results

Interview Skills and Tricks
– by Coach Colle Davis


The person who interviews you for a prospective job may have been through their typical interview process hundreds of times while you may have a couple of dozen interviews in your entire working career. The interviewer is far better prepared and holds all the cards, but wait, they are still human, and they can be influenced and yes, manipulated.

Coach’s Note: If the word manipulate holds a negative connotation for you, let me explain the importance of understanding it’s use during a job interview and hopefully, you’ll see the logic in my premise.

Please be aware, we are all manipulated by media and advertising every day, and we spend our lives manipulating others in order to coerce or sell them on your point of view. Manipulation (blatant or subtle) is natural tendency we all use on some level to get our outcomes.


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