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Write Your Own Two-Year Marriage Contract


“I didn’t marry you because you are perfect.

I didn’t even marry you because I loved you.

I married you because you gave me a promise.

That promise made up for your faults.

And the promise I gave you made up for mine.

Two imperfect people got married

and it was the promise that made the marriage.

And when our children were growing up,

it wasn’t a house that protected them;

and it wasn’t our love that protected them —

it was that promise.”

– Thornton Wilder, The Skin of our Teeth


It’s NEVER to late to make a PROMISE that will enhance your marriage.

Join us in Southern Florida for a weekend workshop this winter to write your own unique 
Two-Year Marriage Contract
about the 7 facets of relationships: For more information, CLICK HERE.

This workshop is dedicated to the thousands of couples who have been through A Two-Year Marriage Contract Workshops and found a stronger relationship in the weeks, months and years that have followed.

After nineteen years of teaching the workshop for A Two-Year Marriage Contract and examining every aspect of our own marriage, and working with other couples, we understand the issues that stop love from growing and the skills that can turn that relationship around to once again and allow a relationship to heal and grow.

We also dedicate these workshops to the couples who continue to suffer in silence in lifeless, loveless relationships whose marriages have endured years of emptiness filled with contempt and rancor.  If both parties in the marriage are willing to work through the suggestions in this book, you will find answers to your questions.

A Two-Year Marriage Contract really proves its metal because it is also a fantastic tool to help couples come apart if it’s time for them to do so, without untold grief and personal devastation (that is often felts for years) because after they have completed their Two-Year Marriage Contract, they KNOW what happened to create the breakdowns so finger-pointing is useless and the healing commences.” – Colle and Phyllis Davis, October 18, 2015.

“The three stages of love and marriage:

You don’t know ‘em, but you love ‘em.

You know ‘em, and you don’t love ‘em.

You know ‘em, and you love ‘em.”

~Author Unknown


The weekend workshop for A Two-Year Marriage Contract focuses on the following 7 tenants of a relationship

FAIR FIGHTINGHouston, we have a problem

Go ahead and fight, but fight fairly. The number one reason for divorce is the habitual avoidance of conflict. Master four negotiation skills that will give you a happier marriage and help you create your Commitment Contract.

SEXCreating your Sexual Boudoir — Ohh Laa Laa

Learn new ways for creating passion in your marriage by asking and answering revealing questions about your preferences for foreplay, sexual intercourse, and afterglow. There’s nothing sexier than asking for what you want sexually, and then getting exactly what you asked for from your lover. The answers to these 100 questions will be placed in a blank template at the end of the chapter that will become the draft for the Sex Section of your Commitment Contract.

ROUTINES AND HABITSToothpaste Tubes and Dirty Tube Socks

Examine your daily personal habits and learn how they influence your marriage. You can change your marriage for the positive by changing yourself. Learn the secret formulas for effective personal change.

SOCIAL EXPECTATIONSRecreation means Re-Creating Yourselves

Hobbies, friends, holidays, celebrations and parties are all ways to express your personality, and they are important components to the health of your marriage. Learn to play as a way to keep your marriage interesting and happy. How much play do you allow yourself? How happy will you allow yourself to become?

FAMILY AND FRIENDSYours, Mine and Ours

There are more people in your marriage than just the two of you. There are also more than just the two of you in your marriage bed. This chapter shows you how to successfully manage all the relationships in your life as a gift to your marriage. Learn to live a life of quality relationships by learning intimacy skills.

LIVING ARRANGEMENTS There’s No Place like Here

Your home changes over the years as you move to accommodate the changes in your life. This chapter addresses your environmental needs as an important part of your marriage. Address your present living conditions and make plans for the future.

MONEYThe Elephant in the Living Room

This chapter teaches you to work together as a financial team. It offers creative ways for discussing your current financial circumstances and invites you to plan for your financial future. Dream big. Plan your marriage around common joys and goals. Money may not buy happiness, but it can help your marriage.

Join us in Southern Florida for a weekend workshop this winter to write your own unique 
Two-Year Marriage Contract
about the 7 facets of relationships: For more information, CLICK HERE.



This workshop and its ideas are the author’s opinions only. Their ideas set forth are not to create or be considered a legal document. Even upon signing The Two-Year Marriage Contract, this document is only a social contract between the signers and does not indicate the signers are entitled to hold any legal privileges. Furthermore, the signers are not legally bound to uphold their agreements even after signing. If the signers want to create a legal document prepared by either an attorney, CPA or other professional from the materials they themselves developed in this book, they are free to do so, and hold authors harmless from any repercussions therein.
The contents presented in this workshop do not guarantee a relationship will survive after the readers complete the process of signing their own Two-Year Marriage Contract. Nor does it promise a broken relationship will heal and find joy. This workshop is meant only for education and entertainment purposes.

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