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FAST TRACK 2012 Coaching Certification Program
If you're interested in becoming Certified as an Executive Coach or a Life Coach, call today for information about our new FAST TRACK 2012 Coaching Certification Program.
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FAST TRACK 2012 Coaching Certification Program




NEW Executive Coaching Certification Program
that Pays for Itself!


When was the last time you were paid well for telling someone where to go and what to do?

Did they listen and then go do what you told them to do?

Today, Executive Mentoring and Coaching, Inc. (EMCI) is offering our powerful and incredibly effective Coaching Certification Program to ten (10) and only ten people for this FAST TRACK 2012 Coaching Certification Program. This affordable program can actually pay for itself before the end of the training. No other coach-training program offers this amazing benefit. You can have paying clients within the first 60 days of your training and you will keep all the money you earn with no royalties or ongoing fees ever paid to EMCI. 


bIn Today's Economy . . .

Coaching has never been more needed or popular than it is in 2012. In today’s economy people pay top dollar to help them create that ‘edge’ to survive and get ahead.

This FAST TRACK Coaching Certification Program is the exact same program we have offered for the past 12 years on a one-on-one basis for Coaching Certification clients. This certification program is conducted both online and over the phone so the course can be taken by anyone from anywhere in the world that has an Internet connection. We have adjusted the format only slightly and dramatically reduced the price to allow more people to become certified in the lucrative and exciting field of Coaching by joining EMCI’s FAST TRACK Coaching Certification Program.



Fee for Certification


The newly discounted fee for this FAST TRACK Coaching Certification Program is $2,995. The normal fee is $8,000.


In less than three months, you can attract well-paying clients who will listen to you and trust you to guide them to the next level of their success. Here’s the best part, the average length of time a client will stay with you as their coach, is nearly a year. That means that each person or company who becomes a client will be paying you for an entire year! That kind of income stream is a bit like having an annuity, a monthly income for very little work. Work with enough clients and you can become a full time Executive or Business Coach.

For those who prefer to be certified as a Life Coach, the FAST TRACK Coaching Certification Program is exactly the same, with one exception, you probably can’t charge your clients as much money to work with you. What you charge your clients is up to you, but Executive Coaches or Business Coaches are paid far more than Life Coaches. 

More goodies: You will be working directly with Colle Davis, CEO of Executive Mentoring and Coaching, Inc., one of the pioneers in the coaching field and a premier Executive Coach.  With his 35 years of experience as a Senior-Level Executive Coach, he has been working with business executives to reach their goals and outcomes and he has helped define the coaching industry for three decades. His coaching fees for his clients are $500 per hour with a 12-hour minimum contract. 


d3FUN! Easy Program That Will
Change Your Life FOREVER

The FAST TRACK Coaching Certification Program is a three-month program that includes eight personal one-on-one coaching sessions, over the phone, with Colle Davis.

There will also be occasional conference calls, webinars, and a group newsletter. The program also provides all of the forms, coaching scripts, marketing materials and sales materials that Executive Mentoring and Coaching, Inc. currently uses with their own prospects and coaching clients. This program also includes the invoice forms, statements, contracts and follow-up correspondence for a successful launch to create a high level of professionalism with your clients. EMCI has done the heavy lifting, and you benefit by using our program.

Dedicating only two hours a day to the program for three months is all the time that's involved for the training. The program requires you to focus on your outcomes, and we strongly encourage our participants to find several paying clients to coach from the very beginning of the program. 


Participants in the FAST TRACK Coaching Certification Program learn new ways to use their senses, adjust their behaviors, take reasonable risks and learn how to become ‘dangerously qualified’ so their clients will reach their outcomes and goals. Learning these new skills requires time, energy and dedication to succeed.

If you are ready to make one of the most impactful decisions of your adult life, think about this: For only $2,995 you can have a powerful, lucrative and exciting new career as a Certified Coach. Is it easy to become a Certified Coach? No, not really, and coaching is not for everyone. Is it possible and rewarding? Absolutely! You must decide for yourself if being a Certified Coach will give you the life and the lifestyle you’d like to have for you and your family.  


Call or email Colle Davis today to enroll in the FAST TRACK Coaching Certification Program and take the first huge step for having a portable occupation that you can take anywhere in the world and work the hours you want to work. Remember, only ten slots are currently open.

We accept PayPal, VISA, MC, Discover and corporate or personal checks upon approval. If you want to enroll in the program, or you have any questions, call me today.

Colle Davis
Executive Mentoring and Coaching, Inc.




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